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Pioneer TS-Z10LS4

Pioneer TS-Z10LS4
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Balance, speed, power and bass extension – the ultimate combination for low-frequency nirvana.

The Z subwoofer is based on the same highly advanced technology as the Z full range loudspeakers to create seamlessly integrated musical perfection – fast, detailed and extended bass with tremendous impact and clarity.

Combining high fidelity and high output in a compact, shallow design, the Z subwoofer offers both unlimited performance and unlimited installation flexibility. As a result, the placement of the Z subwoofer can be optimised for sound quality and bass reinforcement, unlike conventional subwoofers that must be installed simply where they physically fit.

Built from a strong foundation of class-leading subwoofers, the TS-Z Series delivers reliability, power, and a capacity to produce big, clear and distortion-free sound that is simply incomparable to anything else in it's class.

When powered by Pioneer's GM-D Series of amplifiers, the Pioneer TS-Z Series subwoofers are able to deliver really powerful, rich, high quality bass, no matter what volume level.

Upgrade your sound with the Pioneer TS-Z10LS4. This 4 Ohm single voice coil 25cm / 10" subwoofer delivers 1300 W Maximum power and 400 W Nominal power.

Doplňkové údaje / Pioneer TS-Z10LS4

Značka Pioneer
Max. zatížení 1300 W
Typ autoreproduktorů subwoofer
Řada autoreproduktorů Z
Velikost autoreproduktorů 25 cm
Impedance 4 Ω
Sensitivity 76 dB (1W/1m)
Frekvenční rozsah 20 - 3800 Hz
Příkon 400 W
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